EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Some say it is creepy. Others say it is cool. But many simply call it “Casey”.

“I’m really surprised everyone’s taken to her. She’s definitely a celebrity now,” says Casey’s employee Twila York.

The spider appeared in mid-August, and York, along with her coworkers, decided to adopt it. Aptly named “Casey”, the spider has made a home at the Casey’s General Store along Oak Hill Road in Evansville, becoming an attraction in the process.

“Everybody takes pictures of her and she’s been posted on Facebook quite a bit,” says York. “She’s a celebrity and doesn’t even know it.”

Casey may be a celebrity among store employees, however she was a surprise to many passing customers.

“Well at first, I didn’t notice it, but I seen it and it kind of made me startle a little bit, jump back a little bit,” explains store customer Tyler.

Tyler arrived at the convenience store expecting to purchase snacks and drinks for his drive. However, he encountered a spider who is as large as her celebrity status.

“I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as big as that one,” explains Tyler.

Employees are unsure of how long Casey will stick around, but they know she will continue to soak up the spotlight as long as possible.

“She just hangs out there and enjoys the day and enjoys all the attention,” says York.