EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – CenterPoint Energy has released a statement about their efforts to engage with the Energy for All Coalition.

According to the media statement sent to Eyewitness News by CenterPoint, the Energy for All Coalition sent certified letters to CenterPoint requesting a meeting before April 28.

CenterPoint says they responded to that request with an invitation to meet with company leadership on April 27 and invited each of the 15 organizations that are a part of the Energy for All Coalition. However, Energy for All declined the invitation according to the media statement.

Officials from CenterPoint say that seven representatives from CenterPoint participated in a two-hour meeting with leaders and members of CAJE on April 6 and answered all their questions. The media statement said that they believed CAJE’S representatives contacted the media to tell them that CenterPoint didn’t answer their questions and that they were disappointed with the meeting.

CAJE Co-chair Pam Decker says, “They did provide a lot of information that we could take back and mull over and then see what our next steps needed to be.” Decker also said CAJE took that information to form three main questions for CenterPoint then the Energy for All Coalition asked to meet with CenterPoint.

CAJE asked CenterPoint three questions and CenterPoint requested that their responses be shared at the event according to CenterPoint authorities. CenterPoint says that their responses to CAJE’s questions are posted on centerpointenergy.com and its social media channels including Facebook. The questions CAJE asked CenterPoint and CenterPoint’s response is posted below.

CenterPoint officials say they are willing to engage with the Energy for All Coalition and other community members in thoughtful and productive dialogue. The company declined the invitation to CAJE’s Nehemiah Action event because it believes the May 9 event will not allow an opportunity for meaningful dialogue according to the media statement. A CenterPoint representative said they would rather talk to the coalition in a more intimate setting rather than at a public forum.

Decker says the group wants to speak with the higher ups at CenterPoint. “We sent them a plea once again to come to Nehemiah Action on May 9, with decision makers, and someone please answer these questions that we’re proposing.”

The media statement closes with CenterPoint offering an open invitation to Energy for All Coalition representatives and a hope they will reconsider CenterPoint’s invitation. CenterPoint Energy also plans to participate in the City of Evansville’s upcoming Access to Service Fairs later this month and the details will be shared by the City according to a CenterPoint spokesperson.