EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Officials with CenterPoint Energy say that customers could see a break in their utility bills this winter, as natural gas bills are expected to be lower this year compared to last.

Officials say that bills should be more than 20 percent lower thanks to lower, stable prices on natural gas. Customers can expect to pay $115 per month on average, over the 5-month heating season from November through March. By comparison, last year’s average bill was $150 a month.

“Whats important to keep in mind is that customer bills will vary, the size of your home, your appliances, what you keep your thermostat at, all effects what your usage is,” says Alyssia Oshodi, CenterPoint Director of Communications. “So for that reason it may vary what customers may see but again we expect that to be more than a 20 percent decrease.”

As heating season begins, CenterPoint is encouraging customers to look into assistance programs and various payment options if they need help with their utility bills.