CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (WEHT) — You’ve heard of police departments getting brand new cruisers, but a Muhlenberg County police department has one that’s more than five decades old. The department recently added a restored 1970 Dodge Dart that was made to look like a Central City Police cruiser.

It’s owned by Officer David Morris and his family. It’s used by the police department at car shows and other community events. It’s painted to look like a car that police used in the early 70’s — installed with radios and lights that were used at the time

“I had the intention of getting another old car, but there’s so many out there that are duplicates, I just thought, nobody’s got an old police car that’s representing a small town police department,” Officer David Morris tells us.

He says the cruiser is dedicated to the memories of three law enforcement officers from across the county who died in recent years while serving their communities.