CHANDLER, Ind. (WEHT) Utility officials in Chandler are calling for voluntary water conservation amid the extreme heat and drought conditions.

The affected area covers several neighborhoods and businesses.

The notice was sent to people and business owners in what the utility calls its ‘medium zone’, asking them to hold off on using water for non-essential needs until at night or before sunrise. The voluntary conservation order covers areas between Outer Lincoln Road to Jenner Road, and from Highway 261 to Libbert Road. People in that area are asked to minimize outdoor watering, and to wait until non-peak times from 8:00 pm TO 5:00 am until August 31st.

“I’m really not that surprised,” said Roger Winstead, who grows tomatoes and other things in his garden, where he conserves using by using a slow drip system. He’s not surprised at the voluntary order because of the lack of rain this summer.

Area of voluntary water conservation order for Chandler Utilities

“I think we’re down several inches from where we should be. It’s been a really dry year,” he said.

Chandler Utilities officials say some customers called them complaining of low water pressure at peak times, and water levels in their towers were lower than usual some parts of the day.

“We try to conserve as much water as possible,” said Melvin Ortez of Fiesta Acapulco Mexican Cuisine. He says it won’t affect the food, but they’ll cut back on other uses.

“We have a sprinkler system here for the yard, so we used to water four or five times a week. We are probably going to cut that down to half, to help with it,” Ortez explained.

Chandler Utilities officials add they will continue monitoring water levels in their towers as the voluntary order is in place.

(This story was originally published on July 21, 2022)