EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- COVID-19 is changing virtually every aspect of our lives. METS buses are still running at a limited capacity and that is causing a headache for some who rely on their services.

“It’s been a hassle,” Cathy Moore says.

But add COVID-19 into the mix, it can be much worse.

“We scaled back on the number of routes and we increased the number of buses on the same route,” Director of Transportation and Services, Todd Robertson says, the bus schedules had to be shuffled because of coronavirus. “What we did was prioritize by sections. We may have had one route going to this area of town, one route to this area of town which basically kind of covered each area of the town of the city of Evansville.”

So now there are fewer locations to hop on board. But for some people, their biggest concern is the shortened hours.

“Then I’ve got to make sure that I am back here by six o’clock or I’ll be stuck down here,” Cathy Moore explains.

A situation Gary Moore says he’s been in before, “it was frustrating I had to walk all the way home and it took me about two hours just to walk home. “

Cathy Moore Says this has changed their lives so much they’re missing out on important things, “on Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to our church and I haven’t been able to go because the bus stops at 6 o’clock. “

Robertson says they’re keeping an eye on the situation, “we’re steadily monitoring and evaluating and hopefully at some point, we’re hoping at some point, the ridership numbers would increase someone so we could bring on various routes in the future.” Also, that ridership is also down, “now overall the system itself has seen a 50% and sometimes more than 50% reduction in rides.”

But the Moore’s, who depend on the bus, they’ll keep riding. Robertson says there isn’t a timeline for restarting routes.

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(This story was originally published on Sept. 4, 2020)