Charges Dismissed Against Jamie McFarland in Hank the Dog Case

jamie mcfarland mug_1463673834037.jpg

The charges against the second of two defendants in a high profile animal cruelty case have been dismissed.

Jamie McFarland, 44, was accused of tying the dog to the hitch of a truck. The dog, Hank, was a Great Dane mix.

Court records show the prosecution filed to dismiss the charges on Monday without prejudice.

By dismissing the charges without prejudice, it allows the state to refile charges at a later date.

The man police say was behind the wheel of the truck was 24-year-old Brandyn Cox. Cox was found not guilty of animal cruelty on July 28.

The jury did find Cox guilty of attempting to interfere with the reporting of a crime which stemmed from his interaction with another driver who tried to stop him while he was dragging the dog. 

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