DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) — After a tornado tore apart their home in early August, the Stevens family continues to keep their faith.

“Bad things happen all of the time to people and there are a lot of bad things that happen in the world right now. But that does not mean God is not involved in it,” said Chris Stevens.

After the storm, he and his wife Marilyn and kids lived in a hotel.

A month and a half later, they moved into an RV next to their house to begin cleaning up. Then an injury caused a major setback.

“I had an accident where a ladder slid out from underneath me and I ended up breaking my leg and it kind of really put me back on some stuff,” said Chris Stevens.

“He was on the roof taking pictures of wires that were exposed that he wanted to send to our insurance. And thank the Lord it was not worse than it was,” said Marilyn Stevens.

But the family still kept marching on and turned to their church and community for help. The family is part of Redemption Christian Church in Jasper.

The community answered that call for help, working hard to gut the house and help the family kickstart the rebuilding process.

“I just feel very blessed that we have so many people who care about us,” said Josiah Stevens.

The family is part of Redemption Christian Church in Jasper.

“I got teary-eyed just thinking about all of the people, some people that I know well and some people I don’t even know very well, you know, showed up,” said Chris Stevens. “And I’ve thought about how it is a really great example of the body of Christ.”

The family hopes to be able to move back into the house sometime early next year.