NEWBURGH, IN. (WEHT) – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, churches are forced to find ways to continue services.

Once the pandemic shut down the country, many churches closed their doors for a period of time while other churches moved strictly to online services.

With many people dealing with mental and emotional struggles caused by the pandemic, Crossroads Christian Church found it beneficial to continue serving their congregation.

“There’s a lot of people hurting,” Ross Chapman, an elder of Crossroads Christain Church said. “We’re all kind of suffering through this, this weird time of our lives and in history. So we’ve tried to do things to encourage people to be able to be together because we’ve been so isolated. We need to be together and as much as we can do that we should.”

Crossroads Church member Garrett Craig has a wife and two young children, which made him have to figure out what was best and when he would return to service to help keep his family safe.

“For us, it’s wearing a mask when it’s necessary and being safe in what we do,” Craig said. “We chose to come back simply because we need the community. The community is what we live in. It’s what we need for our family.”

COVID is still part of everyday life which is why pushing an online community was important for Craig.

“Myself and another gentleman we’re leading an online small group and that was something we’d never done before,” Craig said. “It obviously stretched us all but staying in that community I think pushed us even further when we came back and we realized how important that was.”

For Crossroads, the staff also make an effort to show their continued support of those on the front lines of COVID.

“People from our church and other churches around this whole area send people out into jobs like healthcare workers, teachers, who are on the front lines,” Chapman said. “Really caring for our community and we want our church to be a play that says what you’re doing is really important.”