Cicada swarm of “biblical proportions” in coming weeks


(WEHT) This summer is expected to be one where many people re-emerge from their homes for the first time in a long time. That doesn’t just mean people, it also includes cicadas – billions of them.

Dr. Armin Moczek is a professor of biology at Indiana Univerisy. He says southern Indiana could see a swarm of biblical proportions over the next few weeks and months. He says thankfully, the event will be quick but it won’t be long before the insects won’t be able to be ignored.

“In 2004, there was a study done here in this area, on average found 200 emergence holes per square meter. That’s one cicada per hole. In extreme cases, this is true, you will have people resurrect their snow shovels to clear their driveway of cicada shells and dead cicada bodies by mid late june.”

Dr. Moczek says pets will have an appetite for these brood X cicadas who only come around every 17 years.

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