City Comission to Vote on Gabe’s Tower

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It was crown jewel in Owensboro for decades, but for many years it’s withered on the vine, becoming an eyesore.

Tuesday night the City Commission will vote to decide the fate of Gabe’s Tower.

“It is an eyesore, and that’s why they got the fence like 30 feet from the building, so nobody gets around that mold, because it does affect the environment here around this area, and yeah we’re ready to get it down,” said Brian Daugherty, who lives close to the tower.

The current owners of Gabe’s Tower bought it in 2013.

After an initial burst of action, gutting the inside of the building, not much has been done since, and the city’s patience has ran out.

“It’s been about, about to happen, almost gonna happen, maybe tomorrow. Well that’s continuing to drag on,” said City Manager Bill Parrish.

Owensboro asked the owners for a bond of $270,000, or five percent of the projected 5.4 million dollars estimated to rehab the building, which the city would return once the rehab reached 50 percent completion.

The deadline was last Thursday, and the owners missed it.

Now the board will vote on a municipal order, which would grant the mayor authority to purchase the building, and if they can’t come to terms, condemn it.

“In my family circle, and others included in the neighborhood I live in, is that, it’s an eyesore, it’s not gonna bring revenue to the riverfront, cause at 99 dollars, 100 dollars a night, there’s nothing around this tower that people want to pay that much to look out the window and look at,” Daugherty said.

“There was a lot of talk about doing other things with the building, it hasn’t come to fruition, I think my sense of the commission is that they want to go ahead and press ahead with this,” Parrish said.

One possibility is a bus station, which Parrish says the tower’s location would be perfect for.

So for neighbors fed up with the 13-story eyesore, things may finally be looking up.

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