City Council Takes Oath of Office

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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — With one hand raised and the other on a Bible, the new city council was sworn in one by one.

“The key word was commitment,” Councilman Justin Elpers, R.-5th Ward, said. “We’re all committed to work together.”

On a council with four new faces, councilwoman Missy Mosby, D.-2nd Ward, is considered a veteran. But even she says the excitement is still there.

“Even though I’ve been through it before, it’s just a wonderful feeling because you’re representing a city that you just absolutely love and that’s what we do it for,” she said.

With big projects on the horizon in 2016, like the downtown hotel and IU medical school, council members are ready to get to work.

“We might want to look at some things that were left out, kind of put on the backburner back in 2015 and look at these things again,” Elpers said.

The first city council meeting is scheduled for Monday at 6:30 in the council chambers, and while they’re not expecting fireworks at the meeting, the members have been looking forward forward to this day.

“We got a couple of small little things to take care of and I think it’ll be shorter than normal,” Elpers said.

“You just never know what’s going to happen, but we’ve all been talking about trying to work through things and we’ll just do what’s best for Evansville,” Mosby said.

While disagreements are bound to come, the council members promise they’ll work together to help move Evansville forward.

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