City of Vincennes Announces 2017 Spirit of ’76 Award

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The Vincennes Fourth of July Committee has awarded the 2017 Spirit of ’76 honor to Alan and Sally Snyder.

Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum says, “The Snyder’s truly represent the giving and caring spirit of our community. Their efforts have been extremely instrumental in promoting the rich historical significance of the city of Vincennes, as well as enhancing our local economy through increased tourism.”

The committee says the Snyder’s gifts of time, talent, energy, and resources have been present in their community for many years.

2017 Rendezvous President Dan Sievers describes the Alan and Sally as “two of the best Vincennes can call their own.  Both are passionate about our history, eager to educate people about our uniqueness, and selfless in the donation of time and resources. They are both very humble and seek no endorsement or acknowledgement of their actions.” 

The Snyder’s have both worked tirelessly to make the community of Vincennes a better place. They have been active in the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous for many years.

Alan and Sally have been volunteering since 1989 and are said to be positive forces within the organization.

Sally is the chairperson of the Encampment Committee and the liaison to all the re-enactors who participate in the Rendezvous.

Alan is on the committee as well, he and Sally both welcome many visitors to Vincennes every year.

The Snyder’s live in the historical district of Vincennes.

They have been involved in the Vincennes/Knox Preservation Foundation and The Vincennes Historical & Antiquarian Society, as well as supporting and attending most all events that promote Vincennes history. They are also active in their respective churches.

Frank Doughman of the GRC National Historic Park nominated the Snyder’s last year for the “Spirit of ’76” award.

In his nomination letter he stated, “They are the type of people that do what needs to be done, even if not asked, but then are happy to sit in the quiet background and relish in the accomplishment. They would be the first to deny that they are deserving of any award or recognition.”

The Vincennes Fourth of July Committee says the Snyder’s are deserving of such recognition.

(This story was originally published June 30, 2017)

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