EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- The sun has set on the 420 Main building for the final time. As Evansville prepares to say goodbye to its largest building Sunday, some say they’re sad to see it leave.

Attorney Neil Chapman had an office in the building, even filming commercials for his firm on the skyscraper’s roof, before moving to his current location in the 5/3rd building. Chapman says “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Chapman says the building was neglected for years but compared it to a 1969 Corvette left in a barn without proper maintenance.

But while some are sad to see the building go, others are seeing a brand new start and fresh beginnings for downtown Evansville. Executive Director of Metropolitan Development Kelley Coures says the city will be gaining a lot from the space, noting that the space where the building currently stands has seen changes plenty of times before.

Coures says the building has been a drag on property tax values since it was effectively abandoned, adding that it’s been deteriorating for nearly two decades and calling the building’s current state “an eyesore.”

Still, Chapman says he’ll always have fond memories of the 420 Main building, saying he “gave it all the love” he had and says the implosion will be an “intimate moment” for him. Chapman says he hopes the city will do something “bold” with the site.