DUBOIS, Ind. (WEHT) Educators at a Northeast Dubois County school are spending the day cleaning instead of teaching, after flash flooding damaged parts of their building.

Northeast Dubois Intermediate School is closed for the rest of the week .

Instead of students going through the halls of the school late Monday afternoon, it was flash floods, caused by several inches of rain.

“It’s just a ton of rain,” says Susie Neukam, who lives by the school.

“Hope to never see it again,” adds Superintendent Bill Hochgesang of the Northeast Dubois County School Corp. He said the floods damaged their cafeteria, multi-purpose room and other parts of one of the school’s wing. No classrooms were damaged. Hochgesang says they’ll have to replace much of their kitchen, carpeting and other items.

“We’ll be able to salvage some of the tangibles, like the pots and pans. There’s a large freezer in there, that actually floated to the ceiling. There was so much water, it damaged the ceiling as well,” Hochgesang said.

“It was just a little bit scary because you think of what’s coming. Is there more? Is it going away?” Neukam said.

The flash flooding happened here and the area surrounding the school, flooding streets and getting in to a few businesses. Emergency management officials say the school was the hardest hit from yesterday’s flash flooding, but flooding also affected other county roads.

“Our primary education is in the upper parts, so we can have our classroom activities. We’ll probably have to bus our kids to another building to have some P.E.,” Hochgesang said.

All students in the district learned remotely today, but those in the district’s other two schools will return to class tomorrow.

School officials add while other schools in the district will be back in class tomorrow, students in this school may not be coming back until as early as next Tuesday, even though classrooms were in another part of the school that wasn’t damaged.

(This story was originally published on August 31, 2021)