Cleanup continues at 420 Main site


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – After the implosion that rocked Evansville, downtown is still feeling the effects, albeit in a more subdued way. For residents like Brad Simms, the demolished lot at 420 Main in Evansville brings a range of emotions.

“Walking by it, seeing the empty pile now, is really kind of bittersweet, being as I worked up there for about eight years at the Petroleum Club,” says Simms. “Seeing it come down and I can’t see it from my windows anymore is kind of sad but I knew it needed to come down.”

Crews could be seen watering down the rubble to mitigate dust in the air, a problem that continues more than a week past the implosion.

“The dust was a lot more than I thought it would be, but they’ve done a good job, actually,” says Simms.

Mary Allen’s store, Sixth and Zero, had a front row view of the implosion and, now, the cleanup, but tells Eyewitness News that despite the close proximity, conditions are unfolding how she anticipated.

“No damage, nothing broken, no massive dust or dirt,” says Allen. “Just what we figured and what we are going to be dealing with as the cleanup continues, it’s just going to be dusty.”

With cleanup efforts at the former 420 Main Building location continuing, they don’t appear to be causing a hinderance with downtown traffic. In fact, many local businesses say it has actually drawn people towards their doors.

While the sight may not be visually appealing, residents and business owners say it’s just a process of progress. Developers and contractors who brought the tower down said it could take months to repurpose some of the material left behind.

“We’re more excited about what’s to come and we are more than willing to put up with this in the meantime,” says Allen.

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