Clinics see decrease in COVID-19 vaccination appointments


(WEHT)– Brian Spencer, pharmacy service line manager for Deaconess Health System, says hospitalizations are staying low, but they are noticing a new trend.

“The concerning thing that we are seeing now is the COVID in our younger patients. Again, with the new variants that are out there– which we’ve seen about 75% of our outpatient tests come back as the UK variant,” Spencer said with the UK variant being more contagious, they are encouraging young, healthy adults to get their COVID vaccine. Although, fewer people are making appointments.

Spencer said just one month ago, Deaconess was administering 1,000 to 1,200 doses a day.

“We have seen the demand go down a little bit. We are still doing about 400 to 500 a day. We have the capacity to do about 1,400 a day,” Spencer explained.

Workers at Owensboro Health are also noticing a decrease of vaccination appointments. Jason Collins, director of in patient pharmacy services for Owensboro Health, says he’s noticed people in rural communities are still hesitant to get vaccinated.

“They are very concerned about the negatives they’ve heard,” explained Collins. “So they still haven’t changed their mind in those rural areas.”

BC Childress, Owensboro Health’s director of outpatient pharmacy services, says ever since April vaccination appointments have dropped off. Their hospitalizations have remained steady with fewer than 10 COVID patients in the hospital at any one time.

“We are not going to get to our target of zero cases until vaccines reach more people,” said Childress.

To help get closer to herd immunity, Owensboro Health is holding walk in clinics at both their Owensboro and Muhlenberg County campuses. The first walk in clinic is Monday, April 22 in Owensboro from 8 AM- 3PM.

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital will have walk in vaccination clinics April 28, April 29, and May 3.

(This story was originally published on April 22, 2021)

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