EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A coalition of local advocacy groups called Energy for All gathered at CenterPoint Energy Plaza on Earth Day. The group is calling the event CenterPoint’s Jurassic Park.

The purpose of the event is to protest CenterPoint Energy’s billing costs and their plans to increase their rates.

According to Energy for All, Evansville has the highest electric rates across Indiana. CenterPoint also plans to build a gas pipeline and two gas plants that will cost customers $23 dollars more a month according to the coalition.

“We’re paying for it twice–we’re paying for it in our pocketbook and we’re paying for it in terms of its contribution to truly catastrophic climate change– so we would hope that the IURC are making their decisions and we’re also hoping Centerpoint is paying attention,” says University of Southern Indiana Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Ethics Dr. Mary Lyn Stoll. “They’re people, they have kids, they have grandkids–don’t they want a future for the people that they love which we won’t be able to secure if we don’t drastically cut those greenhouse gas emissions–pretty much yesterday.”

CenterPoint Energy has already informed customers that the rates will be increasing and shutoffs have been suspended until May.