BREMEN, Ky. (WEHT) – Just weeks removed from the deadly western Kentucky tornado, residents in Bremen spent their New Year’s Eve working hard to clean debris and cover their homes ahead of significant rain, and another threat of severe weather.

TJ Milam, pastor for Bethlehem Baptist Church, says his cleanup is nearly complete thanks to the help from countless volunteers. While heavy rain may cause further damage to his church’s roof, Milam says the building is a total loss and will be rebuilt.

“We have done what we needed to do in our building, because we were getting parts of the ceiling coming down and everything. We just don’t want anyone in there, especially with this much rainfall coming,” explains Pastor Milam.

Down the road sits Church Street General Baptist Church, which sustained heavy damage from the December 10 tornado. With parts of the roof exposed, volunteers along with pastor Danny Green tried to salvage as many items as possible, while covering the pews with tarps ahead of the heavy rain.

Beyond the rainfall is the potential for more severe weather. Both Greene and Milam say their experience riding out the violent tornado has altered their view of severe weather events, and both will adjust how they plan and react moving forward.

“Going forward, we’re going to pay a little more attention to weather forecasts,” says pastor Milam. “I’ve been telling people, if someone says there’s a tornado coming, we’re going north. We’re going to Evansville or something, let it pass, then we’ll come back.”

“I don’t know that I’ll ever feel the same again, because I was right in that corner of this building when that thing hit,” explains pastor Greene. “I don’t know if I’ve slept one night since it happened, to be honest. My mind just won’t stop. I can’t shut it down. And the thought of something like that happening again, yeah it’s a real concern, obviously.”