Community Grieves Over Loss of Two from Central High School

Local News

The day before a new semester begins, a community comforts those who are grieving.

Central High School student Roman Kellough, 15, took his own life on Tuesday.

Central custodian Kimberly Redden, 51, also died on Tuesday when a pickup truck traveling west on Diamond Avenue crossed the center line and struck her eastbound SUV.

More than a hundred people came to the school on Sunday, looking for closure for two people they knew and lost.

Amy Adams, the organizer of the event, related, “I actually had a few people, just a little while ago, saying, ‘Thanks for doing this. I really feel more positive, now. I feel like things can get better.’”

Those in attendance walked around the school praying, and expressed a desire that their community would be able to come together more often.

Linda Carlisle, with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, said, “I just hope that this will be a nice closure, if you can call it that, and we’ll have peace, and these buildings will open up on Monday and the kids will feel safe, and the staff will know that they’ll have the entire community out there.”

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