MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (WEHT) – The Fourth of July will never be the same for some in Mount Vernon as they mourn the loss of 11 year old Camrynn McMichael, who was tragically killed in a fireworks accident on July 3. Posey County dispatch says they received numerous calls about the incident, which occurred around 9:42pm in the 900-block of Canal Street.

“It’s been a shock, it really has been,” says family friend Ruth Fulwider. Fulwider works at Mount Vernon’s Brittlebank Pool, and would often see Camrynn and his mother during activities. Camrynn was active in many sports and activities throughout Mount Vernon.

“Camrynn was there almost every night after school at the community center,” recalls Fulwider. “But he came here too, but he was in all the sports, he did all the park and rec sports that he could.”

Camrynn’s family says he was very bright, often on the honor roll, and was also an active multi-sport athlete. Camrynn was also described by his mother at being the best big brother to his younger sister, saying he was every parent’s dream child.

Rhett Snodgrass spent many years overseeing the various activities Camrynn participated in. Snodgrass is the assistant manager at Brittlebank, but also is heavily involved in Mount Vernon’s Parks and Rec department. He says not only was Camrynn athletically-gifted, he was also wise beyond his years.

“When you talked to him, you wouldn’t think he was 10, 11 years old, but that’s how old he was,” says Snodgrass. “He had a really, really smart mind to him. And really polite, he had really great manners, and he was just great to be around. One of the better kids at the community center, for sure, and I think a lot of the younger kids looked up to him, and that was fun to watch as well.”

When it came to Camrynn’s future, Snodgrass says the sky was the limit.

“He would have applied himself to anything,” says Snodgrass. “He could have done anything he wanted, he was a great kid.”