EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Some local agencies are seeing more people in need of assistance as cold weather and COVID-19 continue.

With the cold weather, there is a need for heat but many people are struggling to receive the assistance they need to pay utilities. 

The Community Action Program of Evansville says they are behind in processing applications but they are looking at them in the order they received. CAPE says they received more applications than they did the previous year.

Some residents then turn to lean on trustee offices like the staff at Pigeon Township for many things. That includes rent assistance, water, gas and electricity bills.

“We are the last line of defense but we do try to make sure that we, if we can’t help them, we connect them with the right resources and that’s difficult,” William Payne, community relations director for Pigeon Township said. “Some of the funding has depleted and some of it has dried up.”

Payne says when the pandemic began the need for more assistance began to rise.

“We have one of the largest homeless populations, so we do actually have to extend a lot of help for different things for the people in our township,” Payne said. “We have tried everything we can to address the needs of the people.”

Pigeon Township trustee Mariama Wilson says they work to provide the community with what they need.

“We are going to reach out to other resources that are able to help,” Wilson said. “Whether it be the rent, utilities, then we’re going to find those resources that are able to assist.”

Even with many offices struggling to help everyone, Wilson says she was thankful for the extra funding they were able to receive that was used to better help the community.

Both CAPE and Pigeon Township say they are working to help as many people as possible.