Concerns in Arcadian Acres Neighborhood

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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — An empty house sits at 1450 Greenfield Road, built sometime around the 1950s, another house in the Arcadian Acres neighborhood on Evansville’s east side.

“That was a really nice house,” Richard Eich, a neighbor, said. “You can still see the potential that that could still be a very nice house.”

Eich has to see the house every day when he leaves his home, which sits directly across the street from 1450 Greenfield Road, which he said has been an eyesore.

“We’ve lived here for 16 years and the house has been vacant,” he said. “Nobody lives there, just an abandoned house. Things were left growing, the paint was peeling and for a long period of time, the grass wasn’t cut.”

As the neighborhood association president, Eich said the residence has also been the cause of concern for many living in the area.

“She’s actually seen raccoons and things go in the house,” Eich said, remembering some of the neighbor’s complaints.

“It’s sad to see that house is deteriorating,” Pam Flaig, another Arcadian Acres resident, said. “I know that it’s been an issue for a number of years.”

Neighbors said the house received a citation in August, but about a week ago, a contractor showed up to work on the exterior of the house.

“The way the house looks today and the way it looks 10 days ago is a big difference,” Eich said.

Thursday afternoon, Eich, Flaig and other neighbors attended a building commission hearing, hoping for a change. But the building commission ruled the recent work done on the house was enough, dismissing the repair or raze order placed on the house.

Eich and other neighbors said while the exterior may seem all right, the interior of the house is a whole other question. Neighbors tell Eyewitness News the house had a hole in the roof for a number of years, letting in rain and snow, which they believe could lead to mold and water damage.

“I’m not sure the house is habitable inside,” Eich said. “I don’t know. And the city’s never inspected it.”

“It’s disappointing to the neighborhood to see this house is continuing to be vacant,” Flaig said.

After the hearing, the property owner told neighbors she was initially overwhelmed with trying to fix up the house, but she now has more of an understanding of the process and will work on fixing the place up. Eyewitness News was unable to speak with her on camera after the hearing.

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