Construction Causes Traffic Troubles


A sinkhole under construction on south green river is causing some traffic headaches  and drivers disregarding detours are not helping matters.

Crystal Vandiver says, “They aren’t going slow they are flying.”

The cars flying into Tillman Eyecare off South Green River don’t have an appointment but some drivers may need to get their eyes checked.

Crystal Vandiver says, “The problem is they are speeding into our parking lot.”

Construction workers are trying to fix what was once a sink hole. Detour signs try to direct drivers where to go but some are taking the easy way out.

Crystal Vandiver says, “They cut all the way across, spin their wheels and went over the embankment to get back on to green river.”

Now parts of their parking lot are going to have to be fixed.

Scott Hudson lives across the street and is also dealing with drivers making their own shortcuts.

Scott Hudson says, “I’m sick of people driving through the yard here.”

He says he talked to the contractors and they say this construction should be done in two weeks.

Scott Hudson says, “They drive right through here, it’s unbelievable.”

But Tillmans Eyecare worry’s about patient safety.

Crystal Vandiver says, “A car fly in here and a patient coming out, i mean, it could easily be an accident.”

Until construction is complete Tillman Eyecare urges people to drive slow and be careful.

Crystal Vandiver says, “I’ll just be glad when it’s finished.”

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