Controlling Mosquitos in the Tri-State

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Although summer is pretty much over for most of us, it is not for mosquitoes.

These bugs are hard to stay away from but the Vanderburgh County Health Department is making sure none of the mosquitoes are carrying diseases.

When most people see mosquitoes their first reaction is to get away but for Keith Goy, he’s trying to catch them.

Keith sets out these mosquito traps around the county.

Keith Goy says, “We are after female mosquitoes who have already taken a blood meal and are ready to lay their eggs.The fan sucks them up and then we leave that out there over night.”

When they pick them up the next day the real work starts, the sorting process.

Keith Goy says, “These are actually Asian Tigers mosquitoes.”

Different species can carry different diseases so Keith has to separate them all before sending them off.

Keith Goy says, “Then we put the mosquitoes into vials and ship them off to the State Health Department.”

The Zika virus is now in Miami but Keith says we don’t have to worry about it here in the Tri-State yet.

Keith Goy says, “For Zika, the type of mosquito that has it in Miami, we do not have it in Indiana but there is the possibility that we have a close relative to that mosquito here.”

But even then the odds of Zika in Indiana are very small.

Keith Goy says, “Use the repellent if you are going to be out anytime being active outdoors. You should be wearing repellent this time of year.”

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