Cookies to Crack: Citizen’s Academy Learns Drug Fight


Killer drugs are reaching epidemic levels across the Midwest, and Evansville is smack dab in the middle of it.

The River City is a hub between major cities like Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, and Louisville. Police say drug mules shuttle dope east and west across I-64 and north and south on U.S. 41 right through the heart of Evansville.

Police continue to battle the problem on the streets, but now they’re giving an inside look at what it takes with Evansville Police Citizen’s Academy entering week two.

They’re building trust between police and people – behind the thin blue line.

“They have to go through a lot of work to get there,” says Josiah Johnson. It’s the first time for the young man, who comes all the way from Mt. Vernon to see what it’s like to be a cop.

He’s whittling his career choices down, and it seems police officer has made the short list. “I enjoy baking, building, I love creating things out of wood,” he says.

A pair of narcotics officers dive in to a problem sweeping the city, and how they fight to get drugs off the street every day.

Yesterday alone, EPD made five drug arrests across the city. It’s more than flashing lights and sirens. People in the class say it goes to show cops aren’t just what you see on TV.

“It’s not always writing a ticket or going out and eating donuts!” says Frank Zinanni.

Next week the class takes a field trip to see police K9’s in action, and later they’ll learn about the SWAT team and bomb squad.

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