EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – The Vanderburgh County Coroner has confirmed they are investigating the death of a young child. First responders were called to the 600 block of E Michigan this morning about a report of a child not breathing.

According to a 911 call obtained by Eyewitness News, the mother came to pick up the child at their grandmother’s and the baby wasn’t breathing. The grandmother tells dispatchers the child took a Fentanyl the day before. Grandmother says she told the mother to take the baby to the hospital, but they didn’t.

Watch the 911 call below

Grandmother: The baby got a hold of a Fentanyl pill yesterday. And I said take the baby to the hospital, and they didn’t take the baby to the hospital.

Caller: Please get an ambulance here sir.

Caller: She’s on her back sir. CPR’s not working.

Operator: All right, you got everything out of her mouth?

Caller: What?

Operator: There’s nothing in the mouth?

Caller: She’s foaming out the mouth, yes.

Operator: All right, I need you to clear out her mouth, and I need you to place one hand on her forehead, under her neck, and carefully tilt the head back.

Caller: Sir, I can’t. I can’t. I’m getting no help here.