WEBSTER CO., Ky (WEHT) Wildlife officials say we should expect more bear sightings, and they weren’t exaggerating! We’re getting more reports of bear sightings in our western Kentucky counties.

911 in Dixon received several phone calls about this guy in the area. Mandy Kelley shared this picture with us of the bear in her parent’s yard on Gardner Sawmill Road behind Townsends Grocery.

Webster County Sheriff Donald Jones says there was another sighting on SR-1340. Wildlife officials told him it may have migrated to the area from eastern Kentucky.

“The last sighting that we got on 1340, this lady and her husband were coming down the road, and he told her, ‘Look, there’s a bear.’ She thought he was kidding, and he turned around and the bear was standing by the road, and when they looked back up, the bear went behind the house and down into the woods.”

We’re also hearing reports about two bear cubs spotted by a mowing crew near the Big Rivers plant near Centertown. But the cubs ran off before any pictures could be taken.