A lot can change in 77 years, but for Palmer and Norma Hanebutt, their love for each other has not.

In fact, they say,it feels just like yesterday, the couple walked down the aisle this day in 1941.

Palmer says no matter how old they get, dancing with his wife will always be the highlight of his now century long life.

“We both love our music, we did a lot of dancing, he played a wood guitar when I first met him, and I have always played piano. My mother taught me,” said Norma Hanebutt, Palmer’s wife.

Palmer turned 100 Wednesday, in addition to celebrating Valentines Day and his 77th wedding anniversary.

Norma and Palmer say dancing is whats kept them young all these years.

Both have been dancing regularly all their lives, all the way into their nineties.

And again on their anniversary, the two took the dance floor once again.

While a lot may have changed, the two say not trying to change each other, has seen them through to this day.

“I’ve had so many ladies tell me they were going to marry so and so, and I don’t like this, I don’t like that, but I’ll change him when we’re married, don’t do that,” said Norma, “I don’t know that we’ve ever had too many arguments, not in things you could really call an argument, I might just say ‘oh fuss, or shut up’ or something like that.”

A lot can and does change in 77 years, but according to the Hanebutts, love is not one of them.

“If you go to bed with your wife every night that you’re able, you’re bound to get along, the preacher says in sickness and in health, life and death, you make it that way, and it will be that a way.”