There was a big job for Evansville Water and Sewer Utility workers on Wednesday as repairs were underway on a sinkhole that opened up in the morning.

Crews estimate the hole was more than 20 feet deep before they filled it up.

Eyewitness News is told a broken sewer line may have caused the road to give way.

The sinkhole is located on Franklin St. and Linwood in Evansville.

It has been filled now but Wednesday morning, crews were dealing with a 20-feet deep hole in the middle of the street.

Official say the hole was caused by a broken sewer line that eroded the dirt under the road.

Before digging, a utility location service was called in to mark where gas and other lines were at under the road.

Once that was complete, the repair process began.

And now, it’s good to go. East Franklin St. near Linwood should be back open.