EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – More than a month has passed since the deadly home explosion on Weinbach Avenue claimed the lives of three individuals and the investigation goes on. As investigators continue searching for clues, residents are eager to find answers.

“It’s just an ongoing investigation,” states Mike Larson, Evansville Fire Department Division Chief.

Larson describes the ongoing investigation as “slow and methodical”. Crews returned to the scene at 1010 North Weinbach Avenue on September 13 continuing their hands-on investigation into what caused the blast. The investigation closed a portion of the road for several hours to allow crews to work safely and without interruption.

Larson explains this process is similar to putting a large puzzle together. While he understands residents want questions answered, Larson also explains why investigators are taking their time.

“We only get one chance,” says Larson. “The investigators only get one chance to get this right and hopefully bring this to conclusion, have some closure to this and maybe potentially keep this type of thing from happening again, not just in Evansville but anywhere in the country.”

Near the explosion site is Oak Hill Bible Fellowship church, which sustained some minor damage during the explosion. Pastor Eric Rawdon says he has been balancing making repairs and also awaiting possible news on a cause.

“I think people definitely wonder about that and would like to see what they, you know, what they determine what was the cause, if that’s possible,” says Rawdon.

Oak Hill Bible Fellowship’s damage was largely confined to broken windows and chandeliers inside the facility. Rawdon hopes to have repairs finished by early October, which would also allow his congregation to move services back to the sanctuary after more than a month in the church’s gymnasium. Even though Rawdon sees progress moving forward, he can’t help but reflect back to that tragic day.

“I drive by the scene every day, to get to work, so it’s a constant reminder,” explains Rawdon. “It feels like it was a long time ago, but it feels like it was yesterday as well.”