DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WEHT) — School has been in session for only a week and parents are already speaking out in parts of the Tri-State. Concern has grown as a new video has spread across social media showing the over-crowded buses in Daviess County.

This wasn’t the first issue the school corporation has come across this year. Daviess County Public Schools delayed the start of the new school year because of issues with their bus system. On Monday, a parent shared pictures and videos showing kids overflowing into the aisle. Many kids say they felt uncomfortable with so many people on the bus.

A spokesperson with the DCPS sent us this statement on Wednesday in regards to transportation:

“It is always usual and customary for the first few days of school to incorporate improvements in all facets. We met our Day 1 to Day 2 goal of transporting all students home by just after 5 p.m. Each day provides continuous improvement, as shown with yesterday’s refinements. Day 3 – which is wrapping up now – and beyond will continue to be a reflection of that continued improvement.”

They go on to say they always encourage parents to reach out to them directly if they have any questions or concerns.