Cutting Red Tape Paves the Way for University Parkway

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It’s an almost empty road with a school at one end and farm land on the other. In between is endless possibility.

Vanderburgh County leaders say University Parkway is on the verge of big business, because there’s room to grow on the 5-mile stretch, linking the Lloyd Expressway and Diamond Avenue on Evansville’s west side.

If the University of Southern Indiana is a palette, the parkway is a blank canvass.

“Where you have residential being built, commercial will follow,” says Ellen Horan, President of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. She can see what the future holds. “Because it is so empty out there, they can take a planned approach to it, rather than it being haphazard,” she says.

Thanks to County Commissioners cutting some red tape Tuesday, real estate agent and County Council members Joe Kiefer says the area is primed for a business boon. “It could be a great area for more residential growth,” he says, “it would also be very attractive to anybody that wants to be close to the University.”

A moratorium put in place earlier this year kept development from progressing. Commissioners said it was so the County could have time to study the highway and learn how to best develop it. Tuesday, commissioners pulled that resolution.

“We don’t want anybody to not look at any area of Vanderburgh County, Evansville, or Southwest Indiana just because there’s a moratorium,” says Kiefer, “we want people to look.”

Developers will still need to come before the Commission for approval to build, but now the road is clear.

“There’s a lot of opportunity out there,” Kiefer says.

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