Darmstadt residents discuss lawsuit filed against town council members


DARMSTADT, Ind (WEHT) – Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed against members of the Darmstadt town council accusing them of violating Indiana’s open door policy and retaliating against whistleblower complaints, as well as accusations of fraud and misuse of town-owned property.

Some residents Eyewitness News spoke to have been concerned since last year, when some similar allegations were brought forward. They said that although there may not be evidence to bring about criminal charges, they are hopeful that the process will allow for their voices to be heard and their concerns to be taken seriously.

“They’ve got to listen to the people,” said Darmstadt resident Jim Dix. “They can’t just vote 3-to-1 on everything that’s brought up, and that’s what’s happening right now. And we’ve got to change that somehow.”

Residents also say that their allotted time for questions during town meetings has been reduced, another concern that their voices are not being heard or taken seriously.

The lawsuit accuses several town council members of violating Indiana’s open door policy when instances of sexual harassment were brought forth. It also accuses certain town council members of theft of equipment valued at several thousand dollars.

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