HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Election day is now one week away for Evansville residents, and two of the city’s mayoral candidates have engaged in a war of words following the launch of a mailer campaign.

Libertarian candidate Michael Daugherty announced a mail campaign on Saturday that claims Republican candidate Natalie Rascher has failed to pay taxes. In his announcement, Daugherty also included what appears to be two copies of tax warrants filed against Rascher signed by the county clerk.

On the same Day, Rascher posted a statement on Facebook, claiming she and her husband were recommended to re-file tax returns for multiple years after switching to a new tax prep company five years ago.

“We are not independently wealthy like one candidate claims to be,” Rascher wrote in the post. “We setup payment plans to ensure that our fair share was paid and we never missed a payment. To claim that someone that voluntarily elected to re-file and then never missed a payment, is someone that should be labeled as “failure to pay her taxes” is simply wrong. “Failure to pay” would have been if we knowingly decided not to do the right thing.”

Rascher also appeared to reference claims that Daugherty lives outside of Evansville city limits, which would make him ineligible to run for mayor in the city.

“I am very proud of the campaign that I have been running,” Rascher told Eyewitness News. “And making sure that voters know who I am and my message because that is what matters. It is about the individuals and what they bring to the table.” And you know, I’ve paid my taxes, so I think that is a good thing and hopefully voters know that and see that.”

Democratic candidate Stephanie Terry says she has found attack ads against Rascher and Daugherty to be ‘unprofessional.’

“I have prided myself on definitely running a classy and professional campaign,” said Terry. “Because it is naturally who I am. So, to see it go in that direction, it is disheartening. But I am going to stay committed to the race that I need to run.”

Daugherty explained that he crated the ad because he wants voters to know how Rascher handles finances before she is in charge of the city’s budget.