Daviess Co. Storm Siren Turned Off Due to Malfunction


Many in Daviess County were woken up by a storm siren on Wednesday night. The problem is there was no storm.

Daviess County Emergency Management is still trying to figure out exactly what caused the West Louisville siren to go off.

The siren is located near the intersection of State Route 56 and 815 in Owensboro.

It’s now turned off and the director says it could be days or weeks until it’s fixed.

Emergency Management Director Andy Ball says, “When something like this occurs at night, people got work in the morning. They’ve worked all day. We understand they’re tired, they’ve got a schedule to keep. We’re doing what we can to get it resolved.”

Ball speculated it could be a mouse or an electrical shortage that caused the malfunction.

He recommends people in Daviess County download the EMA’s weather app, Ping-4, while the siren is being worked on.

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