Daviess Co. Subdivison Repeatedly Hit by Severe Weather


Pain from Mother Nature keeps coming for a Daviess County mobile home park.

Severe weather taking a toll on the people who live there. High water covered some roads at the Colony Estates subdivision near Thruston wednesday.The latest weather related problem for the neighborhood since this spring.

Many residents say they’ve never seen this many weather related problems in one year.

The recent history of weather damage at Colony Estates keeps repeating itself.

“Nobody signs up for this mess, but it’s what happens,” says Laura Cutshall, adding she didn’t sign up for the intersection of Keenland Parkway and Balmoral Court, near her home, to repeatedly flood.

“It takes our trash can. It takes all our stuff, takes it and floats it all over. We have to go over and get it.,” she says. “It ain’t the garbage man by no means.”

It’s the latest weather related obstacle for the subdivision, starting in April when a tornado damaged several homes. Then there was a hail storm in may.

“Several of the roofs have been replaced out here. I do know that because of the hail damage. Mine included,” says Tony Stinnett. And last month’s storm where a tree damaged this home and uprooted a driveway.

“Well, it’s scary,” says Tina Carothers “We’re in mobile homes, and for our safety, that’s why its scary. You never know when you’re going to get blown away.”

Some residents want more work done on Keenland to prevent the repeated flash flooding.

“I’d think there should be something that can be done, whether it needs to be deepened, or what,” Stinnett says. “There ought to be something to be done to alleviate some of the water.”

One resident says another problem is if kids get in to flooded streets. Potential problems range from them getting sick to severely injured.

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