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Daviess Co. towns restarting normal water use

As the boil order is lifted, residents and business owners affected since Monday across Daviess County are starting to re-use water without boiling it.

Whitesville in eastern Daviess County is among the cities and towns having service fully restored this morning.

When the boil water order was issued on Monday, people in Whitesville and other towns in Daviess County had to change their water consumption habits, such as drinking more bottled water. Now that it's lifted, those routines are starting to go back to normal.

"It's a whole lot nicer because you don't have to worry about boiling the water," says Scott Greer, who co-owns Kelly Rae's Country Cafe in Whitesville.

When the boil order was lifted, a burden was also lifted.

"They didn't like it, but they had to do it," said Joseph Wedding of Whitesville. He resorted to using bottled water and boiling during the order. He thinks everyone made it through this ordeal.

"I think everybody made it alright," he said. Whitesville is one of several Daviess County towns that OMU supplies water for. Some residents say service wasn't as disrupted as it was in Owensboro. Managers at Whitesville Senior Center moved to bottled water for drinks, and boiled water to clean dishes. 

"We used the bottled water for the seniors to drink and gallon of drinking water to make our coffee," said Johnathan Duncan, who helps manage the senior center.

"Took it day by day," adds Greer. He also says it was a strain at times to stay open using only bottled or boiled water.  They started cleaning ice machines and other things using water to avoid contamination.

"We had to clean everything out of the ice machine, make sure it's not contaminated, basically just check everything, make sure everything is right," Greer says.

Some residents tell us they started coming up with back up plans in case another water main break happens in the future.

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(This story was originally published July 12, 2018)

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