OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Lora Wimsatt has been described as someone with “All horn, no brakes” during her 20 years as a Public Information Officer (PIO) at Daviess County Public Schools (DCPS). On June 30, she will be laying off the horn and putting on the brakes as she rolls into retirement. Many of Wimsatt’s family and friends gathered for her retirement ceremony at the DCPS board room on June 17.

“All horn, no brakes” is the phrase DCPS Superintendent Matt Robbins used to describe Wimsatt’s work the last 20 years. As the crowd gathered at Wimsatt’s retirement ceremony to listen to Robbins’ speech to describe Wimsatt, Wimsatt apologized for all the times she would blaze in to someone’s office to get what she needed and then blaze out.

Lora Wimsatt is retiring after 20 years as a DCPS Public Information Officer.

An observation of Robbins’s and Wimsatt’s relationship would appear two people with a relationship similar to day and night. Robbins joked the relationship was one like Wimsatt being from Venus and Robbins, himself, being from another planet. But those differences brought them together to spend countless hours working together for a cause.

“Lora and I have worked much closer together particularly over these last two years with messages to parents and employees. Lora and I have been on the phone early in the morning and late at night and weekends,” said Robbins.

A memory that Robbins shared at the ceremony was the time Wimsatt invited him to go see the Mr. Rogers’ biographical film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Robbins said he was not sure about going to see the movie but he learned a lesson that summed up his relationship with Wimsatt.

Robbins and Wimsatt acknowledged how very different they are but Robbins quoted to Wimsatt, “I love you just the way you are.”

DCPS Superintendent Matt Robbins shares about his relationship with DCPS PIO Lora Wimsatt.

“Lora has been a valuable individual to so many of our leaders and we have people here today that retired before that have worked with Lora and she’s just one of these people in life that produces incredible work. She’s reliable, trustworthy, always available and you know that you can just count on Lora,” said Robbins. “A person with her knowledge and experience to say they’re missed is the most largest understatement to be made cause she has huge shoes to fill and she’s outstanding. We wish Lora all the best if anyone deserves the best in retirement, it’s Lora Wimsatt. So we are going to miss her. We wish her all the best and wish her a great retirement.”

When it was Wimsatt’s turn to speak, she referenced a question that this journalist asked her, her favorite moment of working at DCPS the last 20 years?

“One of the best things about working here has been getting to know so many truly dedicated people who give everything in their heart and soul to serve others,” said Wimsatt. “There’s nothing more meaningful than making a difference in the life of a child. It’s a difference that lasts a lifetime and a difference for generations. That’s been the most meaningful and favorite thing about this job.”

As the crowd gathered to celebrate the retirement of not only their co-worker but friend, Wimsatt’s final words were, “I love you. I love this district. I love the work you do. This party is about celebrating everyone else than me.”