HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — An 82-year-old man from Daviess County is expected to spend years behind bars after a jury found him guilty of sexual abuse.

Homer A. Harper, who lived along the 7000 block of Deserter Creek Road, was sentenced to five years in prison for two counts of Sexual Abuse 1st Degree (Victim Under the Age of 16).

In 2020, the sheriff’s office started investigating Harper’s actions which eventually led to an indictment by Daviess County Grand Jury. We’re told Child Protective Services played a key role in the investigation.

Harper, who had been out on bond, was immediately taken into custody after the jury’s verdict. Officials tell us the charges Harper faces are punishable by one to five years in the penitentiary.

Deputies say Harper was given the maximum five years on both counts and the sentences will run concurrently for a total of five years.