DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT)- The Daviess County Fiscal Court votes to add a 1.1% tax to those who live in the county. The money will go to support volunteer fire departments.
Officials tell us, it comes after years of need, as inflation is causing equipment prices to rise.

The past several years in Daviess County, there has been a fire membership fee in place for county residents. Now, the Fiscal Court has voted in, what they’re calling, a “repeal and replace”.

They’re repealing the dues on the property tax and replacing it with a 1.1% increase to the insurance fee related to residents’ homeowners’ insurance. So, how does this affect county residents?

Judge Executive, Charlie Castlen says, “Some taxpayers are going to pay less. We actually had an insurance agent run us through different scenarios…For some people it will be more depending on how much insurance you carry”.

Moseleyville Fire Department Chief, Scott smith, says, “This is going to help stations in need.
The way this tax base is they’re doing now, it can be brought into the Fiscal Court and given to the stations that need it”.

Chief Smith believes this will ultimately be a good thing for Daviess County and its residents, “
“A volunteer fire chief shouldn’t have to worry about where the funds are coming from. He should have to worry about is his station, his volunteers, and taking care of his community”.