OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Wildlife officials are now using a unique technique to count fish. The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife conducted an electrofishing survey at Yellow Creek Park.

Electrofishing creates a small electric shock in the water that will temporarily stun the fish. While they are stunned, fish are collected and studied before being released back into the water.

Officials say surveying the lake allows them to find out what kind of fish are in the water and if any are overpopulated.

“We saw some really good redear sunfish. Up to 8 inches, which is a lot of what many people would consider a keeper-sized sunfish,” says Dane Balsman with Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife. “Saw a lot of redear sunfish. A few big bass, the biggest one was about 6 pounds. So there are some big bass out here.”

We’re told they try to do these kind of surveys during overcast and rainy weather to avoid other people fishing.