HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Daviess County officials say all of the construction along Short Station Road and Jack Hinton Road between Knottsville and Philpot will bring better fire protection.

Officials say a contractor is installing a new six-inch water line that will result in improved fire protection for homes and businesses in the area. Keith Hurm, Inspector/Investigator for the Daviess County Fire Department, says additional fire hydrants are being installed, which could help to reduce insurance costs for residents.

Officials say the Daviess County Fiscal Court is reviewing a water modeling study from Strand and Associates that includes recommendations on how to extend better fire protection into the county. Daviess County officials say more hydrants are critical as they reduce the amount of time and manpower spent on hauling water to fight a structure fire.

Officials say the East Daviess County Water Association is receiving grant funding to support the Jack Hinton Road water line project.