WHITESVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) — The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office celebrated their new substation in Whitesville with a grand opening this weekend.

Sheriff Brad Youngman and Whitesville Mayor Patsy Mayfield welcomed the public for an open house at city hall. The new substation will help the sheriff’s department better serve the Whitesville area.

“Whitesville is a city of its own, but its very far out. It’s on the county line. It’s pretty far from the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, so we wanted to be able to come out to this more populated part of the area,” explains Sheriff Youngman. “Especially since it’s so remote so that we could be more accessible. We could be more proactive and we can cut down on response times.”

“Today has been a big day for the city of Whitesville,” Mayor Patsy told Eyewitness News. “We are all excited about having the satellite office up here for the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department.”

Sheriff Youngman says although Whitesville has been a historically safe area, he wants to be in the area if needed.