HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation is getting some of their money back after falling victim to a massive cyberattack.

Last December, the organization noticed that $548,110 was stolen from their bank account as a result of a scam. Of that total, German American Bank tells us more than $50,000 has been recovered.

The bank says once noticed, they filed police reports with the Owensboro Police Department and filed claims to attempt recovery.

“Unfortunately, like many other businesses and consumers, we were the victim of cybercrime,” says Amy Jackson, Chief Administrative Officer with German American. “But, we are in a financial position as an organization that has allowed us to continue operations and the mission of the organization.”

Investigators determined that there was no internal fraud and money was lost during a phishing scheme.

Officials say stronger internal network protection was implemented immediately to prevent further losses.