OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Azzip Pizza has a brand new pizza that is exclusive to Owensboro and is inspired by a local mainstay.

Officials say with over 100 years of experience serving up award-winning BBQ, the Azzip team knew they were on to something special when Chef Blake Kollker and the Owensboro team started experimenting with Old Hickory Bar-B-Que’s award-winning mutton and the flavors from a classic BBQ sandwich on rye.

Chef Blake said, “I have long heard of the tradition of mutton BBQ in the Owensboro and Western Kentucky region, but after the team told me of their idea and I did some reading on the backstory of the history, I had to try it for myself… The richness of the meat and slight gaminess along with the slow smoking really show the talents that Old Hickory has provided for over 100 years. We are really excited to debut this mash-up of two regional restaurants showcasing the best of our talents and hope people try a new twist on one of their favorite foods.”

A news release says the “Old Hickory” features Old Hickory chopped mutton, mozzarella, onion, pickles, rye chips, and a swirl of John’s Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce. The pizza is available now at Azzip Pizza Owensboro.