OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Southern Living has rounded up their picks for the “South’s Top 50 Barbecue Joints”, one of which brings representation to our Tri-State. Clocking in at an impressive 28th, Old Hickory Barbecue made the list for their “delicious” smoked mutton and other favorites.

“Owensboro, Kentucky, is the barbecued mutton capital of the world, and no one has been cooking it longer than Old Hickory,” says Southern Living.

According to the magazine, six successive generations of the Foreman family have smoked mutton alongside pork, chicken, beef and turkey since 1918. Sources say they restaurant is still using hickory coals to fire the big cinderblock pits to this day.

“After a good dunk in thin Worcestershire-laced “dip”, the long, tender strands of smoked mutton are chewy, smoky, and sublimely delicious,” describes Southern Living. “Old Hickory’s burgoo is an outstanding version of the classic Kentucky barbecue stew, too, featuring mutton, pork, chicken, and vegetables slow simmered until it’s smooth, tangy, and very satisfying.”

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