OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Although the Owensboro Fire Department kept busy this week, they say many of their runs could have been avoided.

Fire officials urge the importance of proper upkeep of alarms and appropriate use of 911. Due to the lack of it, OFD says over a quarter of the 82 incidents they ran were either false alarms or false calls.

On social media, the Owensboro Fire Department ran through one of the calls they went out to as well as important events throughout the week.

“1st Crew got a good stop on an apartment fire on Carter Road Wednesday night, limiting significant damage to one apartment while saving the building and the other seven apartments,” officials say. “No serious injuries to humans but the resident did lose a beloved pet in the blaze.”

Additionally, the fire department held their second week of joint EMT classes for new firefighters, a station birthday party and a Station 3 kickoff meeting.