OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — In a notice, newly-elected Daviess County Judge Executive Charlie Castlen has threatened to pull funds from the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation.

Castlen says the county’s fiscal court has been less than satisfied with the EDC’s performance and that future funding will be examined on a “costs versus benefits” basis moving forward.

Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson says he spoke with Castlen about the notice, mentioning that no ‘Plan B’ has been put forward yet and that the EDC’s efforts are essential to the county.

“Frankfort designates where they want these things and you just need to be able to speak to them about incentives, about tax breaks, the sewer and water and electricity, how you get your power,” says Mayor Watson.

“That’s what EDC does basically because they choose where they want it to go, where they think it’ll be most successful and we’ve got an economic development cabinet and that’s what they do all day, so I just don’t see the necessity of hamstringing our group by not funding,” he adds.

Mayor Watson tells us he hopes the issue will be resolved soon.