OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Severe weather made its way through Owensboro Wednesday afternoon, leaving hundreds without power and damaging buildings across many parts of the county.

Legacy Owensboro Church on Frederica Street was forced to make repairs after the storm hit and destroyed a large window. Several people, including the pastor and his wife, were inside the building when it happened.

In other parts of the city, many businesses and homes were left without electricity. In a neighborhood along Carter Road, a power pole snapped in half, causing massive cleanup for crews in the area.

Owensboro Municipal Utilities officials say the pole snapped because it was struck by lightning. A resident living near the area told Eyewitness News he was outside when the storm rolled through and recalls seeing a bright flash when the damage happened.

“Me, my son was headed to the park, all of the sudden it turned black,” says resident Brandon McBride. “Next thing you see is all kind of flashes. And all Carter Road, power lines are down. It was a scary thought — I got pretty scared.”

Another resident we spoke with in the neighborhood tells us that they have not been given any timetable for when their power may be restored.